Give me down to there hair, Pt 4.

I’ve stopped wearing my hair pin straight, I no longer have to in order to get the length I want. I also dislike my hair being straight with this haircut. My curling iron is my best pal. When it came time to take this months photo (back in September) I didn’t want to flatten it, and gave up on getting it pin straight… but you can still see the length.

Its been so long since my last hair post, I thought I’d remind us how far we’ve come. With all that happened in October I hadn’t bothered to take a monthly photo. When it comes time to do so this month the difference will be much more apparent.

I wish I could say that I recall the milestones from September, but sadly I don’t. But back in October my girlfriend, Amanda, told me that she liked my hair and asked if I would consider keeping it short. Eh? I will be cutting my hair this month, but not to keep it short, only to start fixing the horrible haircut. Nothing significant, I’ll most likely keep the length but tend to the horribly choppy and uneven layers. More news on that to come shortly briefly.

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