Give me down to there hair, Pt 3.

I know I said something about doing these more current, but I started school. I’m twenty-seven, school tires me more than the kids ten years younger than me in my classes. I forget about all forms of life and focus solely on napping… and dress shopping, it’s a problem.

In the month of August I wanted to explore the different ways I’ve been wearing my hair, since I forgot to do that in the months prior. As my hair grows and I can pull off more things I’ll try to learn some new styles to keep you all entertained, so far I have a small line up… it’ll have to do for now.

This last month I tried again to pull off the dual french braid action, a lot less bobby pins were essential this time… although still plenty of troops in service.

August was the first month that I became confident enough in the length of my hair to stop straightening it religiously, it was quite liberating. I may have spent a few weeks this way, it was great having the choice. I loathed being forced to blow out and iron out my mane.

I stopped being cheap lazy and purchased a new curling iron, one with a 1 inch diameter, instead of my usual 2 inches. I prefer to straighten my hair with a curling iron, I feel like it gets my hair a lot straighter than most flat irons I’ve owned, and I like more texture and bounce rather than having flat hair. Sadly my hair is too short for 2 inches so I’ve been forced to have flat boring hair since May. Until now, I’m way happier with the appearance of my locks this way. It makes me feel prettier, which in turn makes me more confident… and ensures that I won’t be touching make up any time soon.

For the sake of exposing the length of my hair, here it is all flattened and booooring for ya. Once it passes my collarbone I’ll be celebrating. Maybe I’ll learn how to cartwheel for the occasion.

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