And then the roof fell down.

Last week-ish we were asleep, when all of a sudden — THUD.

When we got back from vacation a few weeks prior our kitchen ceiling began to fall apart. This spot is right above Dutch’s food and water dishes, thankfully we moved those already.

I blame heavy rain and shoddy landlords. Seriously, no one has bothered to take us seriously about the state of this ceiling. During “Tropical Storm” Irene we had pot and pans scattered all over the place to catch the drips. Terrence’s closet was under attack and since the end of August has been emptied with its contents scattered ALL OVER our bedroom. Now every time it rains, its an indoor affair. Its beginning to look like more of the kitchen ceiling will be tumbling down any day now…

Supposedly theirs a very busy handyman just waiting to sink his teeth into our roof issues… I’m starting to believe he’s either fictional… or dead.

Send help soon, Love Ana.

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