Year Two, Month Eleven. (23 of 192)

This song escaped me for months but I finally trapped it. I first heard it back in August but couldn’t find it anywhere other than youtube. This chick needs to release an album asap, hopefully it will be half as good as this single.

Lana Del Rey, Video Games

Riley’s Soundtrack, Year 2.
October | Sea Talk
November | All Of The Lights / Indestructible
December | Wasting Time
January | Weekend
February | I Follow Rivers
March | Heart In Your Heartbreak
April | Bizness
May | Helplessness Blues
June | East Harlem
July | Midnight City
August | Video Games

Now that we’re fast approaching the terrible twos Riley is starting to remind me more and more of Animal from the Muppets. I’m thinking maybe I should incorporate more metal in her mix. I for sure will attempt to snag a photo of her morning afro soon enough so the reference will appear more clear. In the meantime, this is how we get fancy.

One thought on “Year Two, Month Eleven. (23 of 192)

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