An Asian labor of love.

This passed labor day weekend we stayed at home. Saturday night we had a few friends over and BBQ’d in the backyard and the next evening we had a family dinner. Terrence, who writes for Engadget, recently had a weekend retreat to get to know his co-workers better. At the retreat one of fellow writers showed them how to roll your own sushi. Terrence was inspired, especially after seeing how simple it was, and decided that we would do this at home soon.

After a few trips to our local Asian food market, we were ready. They had a slim selection of sushi grade fish, so we only made salmon rolls and tuna rolls. Terrence and his sister Beth had added some cucumber and scallions to some of their rolls. We had avocado but it wasn’t good, sadly. I made a plain salmon roll sprinkled with sesame seeds, yum.

Rolling was a bit of an annoyance at first, the rolls kept coming undone… but Terrence figured it out in no time. We also cut the seaweed too big and ended up with a lot of double layered rolls at first. It was a learning process.

My only critique, after all the other issues we came across were fixed, was the rice. Terrence isn’t all that great at making rice in the first place, but the rice was a bit too watery. Next time I may try to make the rice instead. But otherwise a very tasty first attempt. Not THAT hard.