Chocolate plus dog, equals a long night.

After a night out with friends Terrence and I came home to find that Dutch had gotten into an entire bag of baking chocolate. Terrence stayed awake to watch over Dutch, he seemed wired… pacing around and panting. Dutch is 14 years old, has a melon sized tumor threatening his life at every moment and then as if that weren’t enough he has to scare us by trying to commit coco-cide. Terrence had finally allowed himself to nod off when Dutch paced over to my side of the bed and collapsed. Nothing can describe the horror that we felt in those brief seconds before pulling him out from under the bed.

When we flipped on the lights we found him laying in a giant pile of partially digested chocolate chips and bile, for a second we thought he was gone. Dutch was dazed, he’d thrown up so hard that he lost his balance. Terrence rushed to clean him up and see that he was ok… and I was left to clean up the chocolate mess. One roll of paper towel and a bath later, Dutch was now fast asleep.

The next morning I made him eggs and rice, but he wouldn’t get up to eat it so I put his dish beside him and he slightly lifted his head and strategically licked up the food… without actually getting up. I tried to take him for a walk and he just looked at me and put his head back down. I gave him his water dish and he used the same maneuver as the food. Half the day had gone by and he just laid there on the floor in the middle of the office.

He was the saddest thing, but eventually he got his energy back and let us walk him. By the next day he was back to normal.

Old dogs are bad news for the easily stressed. Word of advice, keep the chocolate on a high shelf.