Give me down to there hair, Pt 3.

I know I said something about doing these more current, but I started school. I’m twenty-seven, school tires me more than the kids ten years younger than me in my classes. I forget about all forms of life and focus solely on napping… and dress shopping, it’s a problem.

In the month of August I wanted to explore the different ways I’ve been wearing my hair, since I forgot to do that in the months prior. As my hair grows and I can pull off more things I’ll try to learn some new styles to keep you all entertained, so far I have a small line up… it’ll have to do for now.

This last month I tried again to pull off the dual french braid action, a lot less bobby pins were essential this time… although still plenty of troops in service.

August was the first month that I became confident enough in the length of my hair to stop straightening it religiously, it was quite liberating. I may have spent a few weeks this way, it was great having the choice. I loathed being forced to blow out and iron out my mane.

I stopped being cheap lazy and purchased a new curling iron, one with a 1 inch diameter, instead of my usual 2 inches. I prefer to straighten my hair with a curling iron, I feel like it gets my hair a lot straighter than most flat irons I’ve owned, and I like more texture and bounce rather than having flat hair. Sadly my hair is too short for 2 inches so I’ve been forced to have flat boring hair since May. Until now, I’m way happier with the appearance of my locks this way. It makes me feel prettier, which in turn makes me more confident… and ensures that I won’t be touching make up any time soon.

For the sake of exposing the length of my hair, here it is all flattened and booooring for ya. Once it passes my collarbone I’ll be celebrating. Maybe I’ll learn how to cartwheel for the occasion.

Part One.
Part Two.

Year Two, Month Eleven. (23 of 192)

This song escaped me for months but I finally trapped it. I first heard it back in August but couldn’t find it anywhere other than youtube. This chick needs to release an album asap, hopefully it will be half as good as this single.

Lana Del Rey, Video Games

Riley’s Soundtrack, Year 2.
October | Sea Talk
November | All Of The Lights / Indestructible
December | Wasting Time
January | Weekend
February | I Follow Rivers
March | Heart In Your Heartbreak
April | Bizness
May | Helplessness Blues
June | East Harlem
July | Midnight City
August | Video Games

Now that we’re fast approaching the terrible twos Riley is starting to remind me more and more of Animal from the Muppets. I’m thinking maybe I should incorporate more metal in her mix. I for sure will attempt to snag a photo of her morning afro soon enough so the reference will appear more clear. In the meantime, this is how we get fancy.

And then the roof fell down.

Last week-ish we were asleep, when all of a sudden — THUD.

When we got back from vacation a few weeks prior our kitchen ceiling began to fall apart. This spot is right above Dutch’s food and water dishes, thankfully we moved those already.

I blame heavy rain and shoddy landlords. Seriously, no one has bothered to take us seriously about the state of this ceiling. During “Tropical Storm” Irene we had pot and pans scattered all over the place to catch the drips. Terrence’s closet was under attack and since the end of August has been emptied with its contents scattered ALL OVER our bedroom. Now every time it rains, its an indoor affair. Its beginning to look like more of the kitchen ceiling will be tumbling down any day now…

Supposedly theirs a very busy handyman just waiting to sink his teeth into our roof issues… I’m starting to believe he’s either fictional… or dead.

Send help soon, Love Ana.

An Asian labor of love.

This passed labor day weekend we stayed at home. Saturday night we had a few friends over and BBQ’d in the backyard and the next evening we had a family dinner. Terrence, who writes for Engadget, recently had a weekend retreat to get to know his co-workers better. At the retreat one of fellow writers showed them how to roll your own sushi. Terrence was inspired, especially after seeing how simple it was, and decided that we would do this at home soon.

After a few trips to our local Asian food market, we were ready. They had a slim selection of sushi grade fish, so we only made salmon rolls and tuna rolls. Terrence and his sister Beth had added some cucumber and scallions to some of their rolls. We had avocado but it wasn’t good, sadly. I made a plain salmon roll sprinkled with sesame seeds, yum.

Rolling was a bit of an annoyance at first, the rolls kept coming undone… but Terrence figured it out in no time. We also cut the seaweed too big and ended up with a lot of double layered rolls at first. It was a learning process.

My only critique, after all the other issues we came across were fixed, was the rice. Terrence isn’t all that great at making rice in the first place, but the rice was a bit too watery. Next time I may try to make the rice instead. But otherwise a very tasty first attempt. Not THAT hard.

Chocolate plus dog, equals a long night.

After a night out with friends Terrence and I came home to find that Dutch had gotten into an entire bag of baking chocolate. Terrence stayed awake to watch over Dutch, he seemed wired… pacing around and panting. Dutch is 14 years old, has a melon sized tumor threatening his life at every moment and then as if that weren’t enough he has to scare us by trying to commit coco-cide. Terrence had finally allowed himself to nod off when Dutch paced over to my side of the bed and collapsed. Nothing can describe the horror that we felt in those brief seconds before pulling him out from under the bed.

When we flipped on the lights we found him laying in a giant pile of partially digested chocolate chips and bile, for a second we thought he was gone. Dutch was dazed, he’d thrown up so hard that he lost his balance. Terrence rushed to clean him up and see that he was ok… and I was left to clean up the chocolate mess. One roll of paper towel and a bath later, Dutch was now fast asleep.

The next morning I made him eggs and rice, but he wouldn’t get up to eat it so I put his dish beside him and he slightly lifted his head and strategically licked up the food… without actually getting up. I tried to take him for a walk and he just looked at me and put his head back down. I gave him his water dish and he used the same maneuver as the food. Half the day had gone by and he just laid there on the floor in the middle of the office.

He was the saddest thing, but eventually he got his energy back and let us walk him. By the next day he was back to normal.

Old dogs are bad news for the easily stressed. Word of advice, keep the chocolate on a high shelf.

Eat lobster in Maine.

Whenever Terrence asks me what I want to eat for dinner, it’s safe to say that 50% of the time I will say lobster. Out of that 50%, about 5% of the time he’ll say yes. Terrence thinks lobster is too decadent to eat all the time, too much time to cook or too expensive. Clearly he is mad. When we went on our vacation this year we trekked north to Maine and all the places in between. We were gone 4 days, out of those four days I had 5 lobsters… it was AMAZING. I was on vacation and I was allowed to be as decadent as I wanted, yay me. I had lobster for lunch and dinner while in Maine for that day and a half… and that lobster dinner will haunt me until I go back. It was the best fucking lobster, OF ALL TIME.

We drove up to South Harpswell, ME to go to Estes Lobster House, it was large but quite empty, right on the water and beautiful. The lobster was sweet and soft, the shell just fell apart and the juice poured out. My biggest regret was not getting the lobster dinner with 2 lobsters, I thought it would be too much, so instead we got the lobster and clams… Fuck those clams. I considered getting a lobster for dessert… but my inner fat girl felt shamed and resisted. Stupid shame. It’s a 7 hour drive, give or take, I’ll be back… even if it’s just to eat and come home.

This lobster ruined all lobsters for me. It was my first of the trip — not counting the lobster roll I had for lunch — and every night after that glorious night, the lobsters kind of blew. Sorry Massachusetts, but your lobsters ain’t shit compared to Maine’s lobsters.

I was on vacation for 2 weeks, and on the last day of my fortnight of solitude I took my mother out for lunch at my favorite local lobster house — Lobster House Joe’s. It was the best lobster I’d had since Maine, I was afraid that I’d never be able to love another lobster again… and I only had to drive 15 minutes to get to it. It’s good to be home.

P.S. Joe’s serves $9 lobsters until 4pm M-Th’s, it’s their lunch special… nothing decadent about that, just plain tasty. Get it steamed, you won’t regret it.

Own a bike.

My bicycle was my birthday present to myself. It’s a Globe, I bought it at Bennett’s Bicycles here on Staten Island. I was obsessed with the idea of a cute, girly bike and wouldn’t listen to anything Terrence had to say about weight and price and all that boring stuff. After a few months of riding my super adorable bike… I wish I would have listened. Sure, I got a hybrid so I have all the aesthetic appeal of a cruiser but the functionality of a road bike… but it weighs about 30 lbs and the wheels are way too thick. I plan to get thinner wheels so I can move a bit faster, but the weight will always haunt me. It’s not the first time I will say that I should’ve listened to Terrence, but sometimes I wish I could have been right first. Bastard. I’m actually already contemplating selling it and getting a lighter, less pretty bike. But it’s sooooo pretty, I don’t know.

Whatever, this is my bike.