Give me down to there hair, Pt 2.

I originally planned to post these a month after the photo’s are actually taken; but as I sit down to write about last month in hair… I can’t seem to remember many of my milestones. I may have to speed these up to current pace so I can keep everyone in the moment. Perhaps in the next two weeks I’ll move it along.

Lets see… in the growth between June and July I was almost able to pull my hair tight enough to have dual french braid action, however, many a bobby pin was needed. I’ve yet to try it again after coming home from a full day out in this style, only to walk passed a mirror and see my disheveled self staring back at me. I promise I will try to remember to take photo’s of these hair situations as they arise from… now on (meaning today, unfortunately I’m still semi-useless in the coming post).

I became brave enough today in July to get a haircut. Most of my friends cringed and objected when they read my updates of the event. Rest easy friends, it was only my bangs. The one thing my once upon a stylist did leave long were my bangs and after only two months I couldn’t see a thing. What was really brave of me (says my NEW stylist) was the fact that I returned to the scene of the crime. Yes, I was that lazy. I figured it was just the bangs and played a little hair roulette, no recommended hair people, just the first available. Boy did I get lucky, not only did I get a women with the same hair type as me, but her hair had been likewise assaulted in the past. She was blown away by how bad my haircut was, finally someone got it. Every now and then she’d stop to awe at the hack job, as she tried to hide her distaste for the girl who did it. I read between the lines. My new stylist, as I fell in love and fully intend to trust her to one day cut more than my bangs… one day far from today (the real today), was trained in Manhattan as well. Which to me means no hideous (and unnecessary) volumizing, a trademark of Staten Island hair people. She did suggest an asymmetric bob, I’ll forgive her her trespasses on that idea. In all fairness, she was only trying to help my female mullet down from the ledge.

As far as the cutting goes, as ugly and hacked as my hair is I would much rather let it grow to a maintainable length before I start fixing it. Maybe it’s the trauma talking, maybe I’ll change my mind… but I doubt it.

July 19, 2011



Part One.