Year Two, Month Ten. (22 of 192)

This is the best song of the entire year. I know it’s a little soon to call it… but it’s that amazing. I fell in love seconds in, and only became more trapped when the saxophone comes in (the sax really does make the song). I can’t believe I once fell asleep at an M83 show, in my defense it was late, I was drinking, sitting with my head resting on a table and it was a very quiet ambient sound moment. This was before an entire band of musicians graced the stage and it was just Anthony Gonzalez by himself with a laptop and other assorted machines. I doubt anything like that could happen with this song playing, I just dance and get all intoxicated with joy when it’s on. It’s that good.

M83, Midnight City

Riley’s Soundtrack, Year 2.
October | Sea Talk
November | All Of The Lights / Indestructible
December | Wasting Time
January | Weekend
February | I Follow Rivers
March | Heart In Your Heartbreak
April | Bizness
May | Helplessness Blues
June | East Harlem
July | Midnight City

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