Row a boat in Central Park.

We actually checked this one off of the life list in Spring of last year. While going through and selecting the photos I was in awe of my hair (oh how I miss having some), and how much thinner I was. So far during this whole aging thing that seems to be all I notice. Nothing grosses me out more than photos of Terrence and I when we started dating back in… 2004, man was I crack whore skinny. Oh, boats… yes.  For my birthday weekend last year Terrence took me boating in Central Park, something we’d been discussing doing since forever.  It felt good to check that one off the list.  I liked it, but I don’t think I’ll be doing it again.  Too many boats and not enough people that know what they’re doing (including us).  It ain’t easy steering boats, especially through massive tourist traffic.  I rowed the boat briefly and was eager to give Terrence back the oars.  We actually have no problems when we go kayaking, I don’t know… maybe too many people frighten us.

It’s also very hard to look cute while rowing a boat… I was trying.  Maybe I would consider doing it again if we went during the week, in the morning. It wasn’t actually all that crowded when we began rowing, we didn’t wait in a line, everything went quick and smoothly.  But as we were coming back the line was deep, we were grateful for our excellent timing, and also not to have been in the water with even more unwieldy boats. After this we went to the zoo, which was also loads of fun… but that’s not on the list so I’ll spare you dozens of pictures of adorable zoo animals. SO ADORABLE!!!

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