Randomly Penelope.

People think that I’m obsessed with my cat Penelope “Penny” Pussycat. They tell me that I tweet nothing but pictures of her… which is a lie! Really. I was going through my twitter feed, to link to all the Penny madness, and could only find 3 photos of her (here, here, and here). Hmmph, in your face… haters. I can not however vouch for how much I talk about my kitty… I didn’t search that. No comment. Terrence is way worse than me, I swear.


Anyway, because my cat is so amazing, I thought it fitting to add a regular series here about her… to showcase the adorable. This way now people can complain that all I do is blog about my cat.  Which is fine by me, my cat is worth the noise.

She was inside of it earlier, which is way cuter but this works too.

And then there was Dutch… (who is also by the way the cutest dog of all time and the best)

Usually they nap near each other, don’t get me wrong… they’re only about 6 feet apart at the moment.  I worry for Penny sometimes, her and Dutch are about 10 years apart, she’s so attached to him that she howls at the door when we take him for walks. I tried to train her to walk on a leash so she could come with him… but she’s too inconsistent and slow. She’s happily co-dependent, one of her better traits.

Flashback: Penny on her 2nd birthday. I can’t believe I didn’t want a cat… how crazy of me.

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