Fun with Warby Parker II

Back in December I received my first Warby Parker home try-on frames, and thought it was so much fun that I decided to do it again. Hooray for glasses! The last time I got my frames in record time and was totally shocked and elated… this time it seems that Warby Parker have run into some fame and recognition so it took quite some time, although still very worth the wait. The last time I was able to keep the frames for 2 weeks, this time they had to be returned after just 5 days, which meant that I wasn’t able to bring them around to as many judgmental friends as I had last time. Which is why I’m going to be relying on your internet opinions far more than I did last time. Help!

I’m hardly home when I receive packages so it’s always nice to get that text message from Terrence alerting me to the fun. When I arrived home to my box o’ Parker’s Terrence was actually rushing out the door to class and I quickly showed them to him and felt robbed of the fun… so instead I had a picture party with Dutch. Dutch didn’t give me any opinions but he was helpful nonetheless.

As I opened the box their were 4 frames I was super excited for and one filler frame, I had initially requested to try on the special edition Japhy frames in pink but received a phone call a few days prior to my packages arrival to inform me that the pink ones were not eligible for home try-on.  It still confuses me why I was able to select them, I sure hope they’ve since fixed that glitch because it made me sad.  The woman on the phone asked me if I’d like to see another pair instead and I told her to leave the spot empty since I wasn’t at a computer and had no clue what to pick… she offered to surprise me with one.  I didn’t really like them at all, hopefully one day I can make it to one of their things in the city to play with the pink Japhy’s.

Here are the surprise lenses,

Japhy (Whiskey Tortoise)

And now for all the other lenses that I was excited for…

Sinclair (Greystone)

Webb (Crystal Matte)

Miles (Revolver Black)

Winston (Lunar Fade)

My objective in this bundle of frames was to find a dark frame to suit my face, to find a clear frame that my friends won’t hate on me (I love them all), and to have fun with Dutch (who, now that he’s old is much more willing to sit still in front of a camera). I’ve so far succeeded in two out of three, unless I have any takers of the clear frames… eh… ehh.

Thanks for your opinions ahead of time!

Much love from Dutch and I, Mwah!

B) & :p

(Editors Note: I decided on the Winston in Lunar Fade)

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