Year Two, Month Four. (16 of 192)

We were lucky enough to have a whole day with Riley this month and once school let out we were joined by her siblings, Mya and Jakob. They ran around our apartment, played the piano together, learned about vintage Nickelodeon programming (way better than theirs). We had snacks, Mya and I played Pretty Pretty Princess while Terrence and Jakob played Mouse Trap… well… played isn’t the right term. Who actually plays Mouse Trap anyway? Riley just ran back and forth trying to join in with everything. It was a nice day, I look forward to more of these kinds of days with my nieces and nephew, they’re good times.

And then, music.

Smith Westerns, Weekend

Riley’s Soundtrack, Year 2.
October | Sea Talk
November | All Of The Lights / Indestructible
December | Wasting Time
January | Weekend

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