Beware the Ides of March

Living bakery adjacent has its perks, the air outside is always delicious and sometimes if we’re around at just the right moment we score free bread.  Downfalls come with perks too unfortunately, lack of parking, loud baking sounds throughout the night, oh and one more thing… the occasional mouse.  This is the part that makes me thankful we have Penny… sometimes.  In the year and a half living here we’ve had a handful of tiny visitors, but Penny made sure that they counted.  Their was the first one, when I thought she was playing with a toy and then it began to move on its own, resulting in my crying/laughing  hysterically as I clutched onto the broom and the phone (with my mother coaxing me back from the ledge) trying to get the mouse out before it scurried back downstairs from whence it came. Second time Penny caught a friend she wanted to show off her talents while we were sleeping and dropped it onto me in the bed. Try getting back to sleep after that, well… Terrence had no trouble… bastard.  Third friend Penny cornered in the bathroom until Terrence grabbed it up by it’s tail and set it free outside.

Terrence is friend to all things Mickey, Jerry and Itchy.  I’m all about murder, death, kill the intruder and he’s all set it free in a patch of daisies and sprinkle some cheese on it.  These three visits were all last year around the same time… the end of Winter/Beginning of Spring.  And like clockwork it started again.  This time Penny is better prepared, last year she had been new to hunting… she’d carry her friends around in her mouth and then lose track of them.  She’ll not be made to look like a fool this year though, this year she was better prepared.  A few weeks ago on a lovely Sunday morning, I was walking into the bathroom as I was wiping the sleep from my eyes and their he was on the floor waiting for me… this time, dead.  Penny had learned how to kill her pray, at least she didn’t bring it into my bed.  I ran into the bedroom and begged Terrence to get rid of it, all the while he was apologizing to the critter and saying “Poor little guy”.  Freak.  I looked at Penny and was all, not cool cat… but thank you.

Yesterday morning a similar pattern of sleeping from eye wiping was occurring on my way to my morning shower when I noticed yet another friend of Mickey on the floor… this time the bathroom floor was splattered with blood… it was everywhere.  I ran into the bedroom and shook Terrence awake (did I mention it was 6am?) and told him that Penny had massacred a mouse in our bathroom.  Without a fuss or evening asking questions he got up, unrolled some toilet paper and picked up Penny’s leavings… on his way back from the garbage he said to me without raising his head, “You’re gonna have to clean the blood” and then he went right back to sleep.  I was still standing their stunned that my adorable little Penny had become a serial killer.

Poor little guy.

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