Attack of the navy beans.

It took some time but I finally began the overwhelming life list task of 1080 Recipes.

Terrence and I have been working on some things in our relationship lately, with the recent embarking of our 6th anniversary, it was time to review our innards and make some tweaks to keep us going smoothly.  One of the boys requests is that I cook more.  Terrence is a phenomenal cook, he enjoys baking from scratch, inventing food concoctions and scouring cookbooks/recipe sites.  IT’S WHAT HE DOES! Why would he want me to take that away from him?  As the years have flown by I’ve been entering the kitchen less and less… it was only right.  I guess I was wrong and now I’m righting my bad behavior, as per his request.

Last week I looked into the freezer to see what meats we had on hand, I came across a leg of lamb. I then perused ‘1080 Recipes ‘  for a good leg of lamb recipe, I decided on number 785 (Roast leg of spring lamb).  This recipe suggested teaming up with 221 (Navy bean garnish) + 230 (Mashed potatoes), who was I to argue.  After a quick trip to the grocery store and a day of defrosting, I now had a meal to create.

The lamb was my first priority, it required about an hour and a half in the oven so I tried to plan everything around it’s cooking time for a photo finished meal.  I usually have a hard time getting all the parts of a meal done at the same time when I’m not familiar with making it.  I thought I was doing a good job here.  The navy beans, however, had this ridiculous section of cooking that was 2 hours of boiling and water swapping.  All I remembered was the 2 hour part, it stuck in my head and then thirty minutes after I started my beans I put in the lamb… perfect timing here I come.  Only one thing, the navy beans total cook time wasn’t two hours… it was three.  And I didn’t notice that until the lamb had about thirty minutes left in the oven. Stupid beans. For a garnish they sure were ruining everything.

221: Navy Bean Garnish

I’m no good under pressure, I started freaking out that my dinner was ruined.  I kept whining to Terrence about how I just wanted to make him a fancy dinner and now it was ruined.  The meat was going to be cold, COLD.  Now Terrence isn’t a very patient man and in order to deal with me he really has to break out every bit of strength sometimes not to shake the shit out of me.  He told me to relax and began helping me to make sure the beans and potatoes would be done as soon as they could so the meat wasn’t all coagulated and cold.

785: Roast leg of spring lamb

I had invited my friend Amanda over to help us eat the feast for six, so she was standing by distracting me from my stress of ruined meat. Thankfully she kept me a occupied while Terrence kicked me out of the kitchen and took control of my disaster.  We had to put the lamb back in the oven and it was more well done than medium rare and a bit coagulated but all in all the meal was edible and a tasty. I want to take another shot at the lamb so I can get it perfectly pink and delicious… but next time the navy beans aren’t invited to my food party.

3 down, 1077 to go.

Next time I open this book in the kitchen I hope I don’t cry.  🙂

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