Yarn invasion.

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Last year when I made Terrence’s Space Invaders blanket for our anniversary there were a lot of people trying to convince me to open an online shop and sell them.  At the time I didn’t think I was talented enough to charge people for my afghans.  And so I continued to craft things and learn.  Back in October I decided to make another Space Invaders blanket, this time in the original game colors.  The recipient of this creation was to be Terrence’s sister, Beth.  She’s always shown an interest in his blanket and said that she wanted one, never in a serious “Make me one” kind of way though.  Even still I used her as my excuse to make the blanket again.  I had a lot of fun with hers and tried to make it as authentic as possible.  One problem I had, however, was that it was too large.  I miscounted my chain and was too lazy to redo it.  I really hate crocheting the first line, it makes me cranky, so big it stayed.  This time even more people urged me to sell them.  So sell them I will (in a slightly smaller version).  I created an Etsy shop, which is currently empty and awaiting my fingers to heal and craft more afghans.

I’ve been crocheting since I was 12-years-old, but only ever learned one stitch (double crochet).  Before I go on with my Atari recreations I wanted to learn a stitch that would be more box-like and in the last few weeks have been studying on YouTube and eHow.com to perfect what my mother taught me.  Now I feel a bit more ready.  Today I even started work on sketches for a new video game blanket, but I’ll continue to make the same old one, don’t worry.

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