Year Two, Month Two. (14 of 192)

I have two choices for November.  Since these are ultimately songs I’m picking out for a 1-year-old, my first pick may not necessarily be appropriate for her… for now.  But it’s so amazing I can’t discount it based on the N-word F-ing my S*** up.

So here it goes,

Kanye West, All Of The Lights


The expletive-free co-pick is by no means any less awesome. Robyn is definitely soundtracking many parties to come.

Robyn, Indestructible

(I promise I won’t show her the video though. I don’t know what the deal is with all the f***ing… jeebus.)

What a filthy month for child safe music. I can’t win.

Riley’s Soundtrack, Year 2.
October | Sea Talk
November | All Of The Lights / Indestructible

Happy Christmas, Charlie Brown stlye.

Here is our Charlie Brown Christmas Card, I knew we’d find a use for those old Halloween costumes eventually.  Here we are, starring in no particular order…

Terrence as Linus Van Pelt:

Ana as Sally Brown:

Dutch as Snoopy:

and Penny as Woodstock:


I hope you all enjoy your holiday! Please keep in mind that theirs twelve days of Christmas… so if I see any trees out on the curb before January 6th I’m gonna cry. You don’t want to make me cry do you?

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & A Happy 3 Kings Day to you all!!!!

(ED Note: Click on our Christmas card to see outtakes from the entire photo shoot)

Fun with Warby Parker

I was first introduced to Warby Parker frames a few months back when I was reading through my blog feeds and was immediately smitten.  My favorite part was being able to select up to 5 pairs to have sent to you for home try-on.  Back then the waiting list was around 6 months long and I was slightly discouraged from putting my name in the hat.  Recently I decided it was time to do so and discovered that the wait was dramatically slashed, only 5 days.  I was floored and immediately submitted my try-on order.  They even arrived a day early, nice.  Before opening the package I went out to dinner with some girlfriends and had them assess the frames on me.  The following morning, still without looking at them on myself, I asked for Terrence’s opinion.  Now I felt prepared to look in a mirror.  Most of the frames come in a variety of colors, so more than looking for the perfect pair I asked that my pals consider the shape of each frame and the color on my skin tone.  The responses varied person to person.  Still a bit lost I brought the pairs with me to work and asked a few colleagues.  Sadly, the results are still up in the air.  Most of my work responses were indifferent, my close friends were blunt to say the least, and Terrence seemed either indifferent or strongly against.  At $95 a pair I’m not opposed to buying multiple frames, all 5 pairs together still don’t equal the amount I’ve paid in the past for any pair of my regular Selima Optique lenses.  Which have in the past cost me well over $500 with the lenses included, whereas Warby Parker’s set price of $95 includes lenses.  Sure the quality of the frames aren’t in the same league, but they’re not far apart either.  So without further ranting I give you the results of my Warby Parker home try-on fun:






In some cases I think that Dutch may look cuter than I do in the frames… he got a smooch and a biscuit for being such a good sport.

Ok really, I need your help.  I still may do another 5 pairs before actually purchasing.  But I need all the feedback I can get. Leave a comment, send an email, text me, do something.  Even if you just want to tell me how horrible I look, just be gentle.

Thanks.  🙂

(Ed Note: I decided on the Webb’s in Amber, they’re absolutely lovely.)

I think I may be doing this wrong…

It was nearly a year ago when I set out to get more from life by starting my life list and since then I haven’t conquered much.  Most of my goals are fairly difficult or long term, and since I’m a relatively lazy person and have been finding it easiest to check off the small things.  Basically I gained 20lbs in the first few months, since then I lost 10 of them.  Still, my pants haven’t been agreeing with me and my favorite part of the day is pajama bottoms time.  As a part of my quest to get more out of my youth I’ve begun to never say no.  Mostly to trying new things… like food.  I’m really picky and usually stick to a small menu, however, in the last year I’ve tried several things and have also begun chiseling away at two particular list items, trying more fruits and cheeses… mostly the cheeses.  I blame the cheese.  I don’t usually go more than a day or two without it.  I started packing a cheese stick or wheel with my lunches, and if I don’t will normally snack on one sooner or later throughout the day.  I’m an animal.  I think I might have to work on another list item, joining a gym.  Once I noticed the weight I began training for a 5k, another listed dream, but when Terrence and I left for our food driven road trip down south I returned unmotivated and plump.  I can’t seem to get back in the swing of it.  I’m not fat, though I feel it… I’m still squeezing into a 2 dress size but my once tone frame has melted into a very unattractive curd-like thing.  My 27th birthday is approaching and I’m setting the goal, in public, to the 3 people I know for a fact read this nonsense I post.  I will tone up by my birthday, scouts honor.


P.S. I know I never posted about our road trip… Did I mention how lazy I am? Soon. Maybe.