Rally to restore sanity and/or fear, and Halloween…

A few weeks ago I had a pretty jam packed weekend, Terrence, his sister Beth and I embarked on an adventure to Washington DC for the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, and I desperately tried to find a venue to exploit my amazing hollween costume (made by my mommy).

It all began a few months ago when Terrence showed me this…

I fell out, it was one of the best things I’d seen since the Bed Intruder Song… which in retrospect wasn’t all that far apart… but still.  Up until then I was trying to figure out a way to dress as iamamiwhoami for Halloween without having to be all naked and such.  It began as a joke that quickly turned to reality when my mother and I made a dash for the fabric store after a friends wedding ceremony and right before we packed the car up and moved mom to Queens.  It was like a last chance rush to greatness.  It was a perfect idea, I thought.  While all the girls were shivering in their blank as a whore costumes I’d be all cozy in my fleece Panda costume, ingenious.  I learned how to flawlessly say “Never say no” in Arabic, I got the  Buddy Holly and the Picks version of True Love Ways set and ready to loop on my phone.  Now I just needed to squeeze in time to wear the suit.

We’d been planning to follow John Stewart and Stephan Colbert to DC, but sadly the rally was strategically planned for the weekend before Election Day, which also happened to be Halloween weekend.  Since we had to leave at 4am to make it to DC in time that meant no partying on Friday night.  We were optimistic about returning to Staten Island in time to party after the rally but a last minute change of plans got us home just after midnight… I’m too old to have pulled that one off, I needed bed.  I tried to squeeze in a nap on the 4 hour drive home but Terrence, who was running on 2 hours (if that) of sleep was relying on me to keep the music upbeat and sing-a-long-able.  We did an excellent Tiny Dancer, one that would have made Cameron Crowe jealous.

The rally was pretty awesome, I am glad that we went.  We were somewhere in the middle of the nearly 200k person crowd.  My favorite part was being apart of a MythBusters experiment, mostly because I’m a giant nerd. The experience would have been made better only by some miracle that my genetics didn’t suck, it sure would have been nice to see most of the things I heard.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It was an experience I’ll tell my children about, I only wish I were more articulate so I could express just how awesome it was.

When I woke up on Sunday aka Halloween day the only thing I could think to do to show off all of my mothers hard work was to go trick or treating with my nieces and nephews.  Only by the time I actually woke up and got all ready, all of them were done.  Whatever happened to trick or treating at night?  When I was a kid we didn’t start until the sun went down, this year all the kids were done by 3pm and all the houses barely had candy anymore… not to mention they all looked pretty annoyed that we were bothering them at dinner time.  Thankfully my oldest niece is thirteen and was completely willing to stick it out with us and ring all the bells.

We had fun.  My mom really enjoyed taking us trick or treating.  I had reservations that I might still try to party that night, but when me and Julija got home and began to dig into our haul I lost my appetite for showing off.  Maybe one year I’ll throw myself a Bronx Zoo themed birthday party and be able to show off my Panda suit.

Don’t worry John, it was worth it. No matter what the media had to say about your moment of sincerity, I dug it.



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