Was this William Miller approved?

I’ve begun making my way through The Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. It’s a fairly awesome selection of completely inoffensive tunes mostly ranging through the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s… with a few songs from other varying decades. But only 3 songs from the aughts made the list. THREE! Assuming immediately these have got to be some incredible songs to be in a league with big boys like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and Johnny Cash. One of those songs is Outkast’s Hey Ya… respectable, I think. The other two… are Eminem songs.

Really. And they’re not even the best Eminem songs either. They’re Lose Yourself and Stan (which is barely a song). WTF, Rolling Stone, wtf.

It’s not that I expected much from Rolling Stone, not these days. But damn, that’s just disrespectful to the artists that monopolize the list. Tsk tsk. The only white rabbit that belongs on this list is of the Jefferson Airplane variety, or is it just me? Now I don’t plan on skipping any songs while I listen to this compilation and I’m up to track 55  on my third day of listening (which I only do in my car). But perhaps that will change, maybe.

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