They came back!!!

When I was a teenager I was a bit obsessed with the electropop group Figurine. I’ve always been heartbroken when recalling their final words to their fans in their last album, The Heartfelt, “Don’t cry, we’ll be back soon”. But they weren’t! It left me on the edge of my seat waiting for something that evidently was never coming. They lied to me! Bastards. A few years back Jimmy Tamborello (brains behind the operation of Figurine, Dntel and The Postal Service) released a solo album under the pseudonym James Figurine. I was elated, I thought it was the return I was waiting for… sadly it was garbage. I pretended it didn’t happen. But tonight while compiling a mix for my niece (she’s thirteen and I’ve been throwing together the most awesome 13 songs from each year of her life for her) I began listening to Dntel and my thoughts wondered over to Figurine, so I checked wikipedia to see if they were up to anything. When a miracle happened… THEY CAME BACK!!! Well… not really. But I did discover an EP that I hadn’t known of, Discard. It was released in Autumn of 2002, which means they did in fact come back… all those years of being heartbroken. Jeez. What an awesome find.

P.S. I know Reconfigurine technically came out after The Heartfelt… but that was a remix album… that shit don’t count.

P.P.S. I know it’s been a while and I owe you a shit ton of stories, don’t worry… I’m saving them for you, and man are they good.

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