Love you, more.

We took Dutch to a new vet last night to renew his rabies shot.  The doctor expressed concern about heartworms and suggested some blood and fecal testing on him (ED: Results came back negative).  We sat in the waiting room, I impatiently and Terrence distracted by a baby kitty in a cage.  When Dutch came out he looked violated and his booty was a tad on the red side.   Usually whenever Terrence or I take Dutch out of the apartment for any reason Penny immediately leaps into the window and begins to cry at the top of her lungs until we return.  The moment Dutch emerges through the door she’s immediately at his side.  If he returns after a long absence she’s jumping on him and licking his ears, sniffing him as if to ask “Where have you been?!”.

However, last night when we returned home Penny wouldn’t go near Dutch.  She was angry with him and I’m assuming really didn’t appreciate the vet smell he was carrying.  Whenever he came into her view she puffed up and hopped away hissing.  She’d lurk around him and peer at him from underneath the side table.  When she was sure he wasn’t looking she’d approach him and sniff, then back away slowly.  Terrence was sure she’d lost her damn mind.  My immediate reaction was to lay her on her back to submit to him and let him lick her face… she didn’t like me after that.  And definitely didn’t like him either.  I will admit I was a bit worried about their relationship.  I didn’t want my once best friends to become foes.  Penny was being a serious witch with a B!

Thankfully today all resumed back to normal. Whew!  My pets are in love again, if not a bit suspicious.

P.S. A reminder of just how adorable they are!

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