You wanna know what comes between me and my Chuck’s? Nothing.

Since I was old enough to dress myself I’ve been in love with Converse’s Chuck Taylor’s.  It began as a high top love and eventually turned into a low top affair.  I used to be able to score 2 pair for $19.99 on 8th street, and eventually that turned to $30 for 2, then $30 for 1.  When Nike bought Converse and the price jumped to nearly $50 for 1 pair, I was seriously sad, but I wouldn’t let that deter me from acquiring a pair here and there.  Although it certainly put a larger pause between new Chuck’s.  One gap was so large that when I went to purchase a new pair the sales associate informed me that Nike had stopped production of half sizes.  Being a perfect size 6 1/2 I was pissed, I couldn’t fit a size 6 or 7 and I was forced to go in search of other shoes.  Bastards.  Every now and then I’d drop into a store at random to check if half sizes were still a memory.  Eventually they began to produce a few in some of the more classic colors, like black or white.  I’ve actually never owned a pair of either, I was always a fan of brighter color combination’s.

One bright shiny day my friend Yudy text messaged me to tell me she saw Chuck’s in half sizes again.  I ran out almost immediately to snag a pair but was disappointed with my find.  I returned home and searched the Converse website to see if I’d have better luck.  And there it was, glorious half sizes!  I was beyond elated.  I called my mother asap and exclaimed to her that I had already tossed a few pairs in my shopping cart, but I couldn’t rationalize spending all that money on sneakers.  I left the website open to my cart for weeks, petting the screen from time to time.  Until one day when I glanced over for a quick stroke and noticed an über sale and could resist no longer.

Behold, the tri-force of Chuck’s!  I’m kind of afraid to wear them. They’re just so pretty!  I’m very glad to have my Chuck Taylor’s back, but I must admit the fear of losing them is still lingering.  I kind of feel like I have to buy one of every color.  But I won’t.

For now… ish.

Currently Listening to: Reflection Eternal‘s Revolutions Per Minute.

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