To some of you these stairs may not look intimidating, but for Terrence and I, they’re horrifying.  Lurking all through this path from our back door to our car, Terrence’s parents house, and the street in which we walk Dutch, are scary spiderwebs.  Whether the prospect of walking through a few spiderwebs may not be terrifying to most of you, you’d have to at least admit it’s not pleasant.

The other night when Terrence was across the street, most likely stealing food from his parents kitchen, I was here blasting music with my friend Amanda.  When I began receiving the following messages from google talk.

Terrence: why do you hate me?

me: huh?
Terrence: i’ve been texting you!
Terrence: save me
Terrence: nevermind i’m walking around front cause you’re a terrible girlfriend
Terrence: terrible!

I was confused.  I also didn’t exactly read the last three IMs until after Terrence stuck his sad little face into the doorway and yelled at me.  The front door was latched so it was very Jack Nicholson of him.  Thankfully Amanda is more than used to my odd boyfriend so she wasn’t fazed.  My phone was in the bedroom so I never got his texts.  He left quite a few urging me to come to the back door and save him.  He asked me to grab a broom and clear a path for him.  Terrence has a serious fear of spiders and was quite upset with me that I hadn’t come to his rescue.  Poor boy.

I suppose this is my life now.  Move above ground and get a face full of web.  Every morning when I leave for work I hold my bag in front of me like a shield against the webs.  Sadly at night when I walk Dutch I have no shield, I just hope for the best and power through Béla Lugosi style.

I’ve been trying to come up with ways to fix this problem.  So far all I can come up with is to cut down these trees, thought I doubt my landlord would support this plan.  I guess all we can do is wait for spider season to be over, oh sweet winter.

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