AMEX, A Love Story.

I’ve set a goal in motion, this one isn’t a life list goal, it’s a get my father off my back goal.  Thanks to the beautiful new credit card laws you have to be 21 to obtain a credit card.  Now if only that were the case when I was 19 and my father helped me get my first card, an American Express Blue card.  The first thing I bought with it was a computer, that cost $1900-ish, completely not worth it.  When I was turning 21 I decided that since I never had a lavished sweet sixteen or a Quinceanera (as my mother would have preferred) I would throw a fantastic sweet 21 instead.  It wasn’t in a hall or in even a backyard filled with hundreds of guests.  It was a fairly small gathering in my living room.  But for some reason I thought it was a good idea to buy all the liqueur, beer, food and decorations myself.  Anyone know how much 2 dozen bottles of liqueur are?  You don’t want to and hopefully never need to.  Thankfully I still had my trusty AMEX card.  Good job, Ana!

Drunk at my Sweet 21 with Steph

So all of this was a round about way of saying that I have racked up quite a bit of debt on this card.  I believe around the time I was cut off from using it was was tipping over 3k with a 12k limit.  For the last 4 years I’ve been slowly (SLOWLY) chipping away at that balance and getting absolutely nowhere.  But again thanks to my new favorite law, the credit card act, I just learned that paying it the way I’ve been doing meant that in close to 20 years I’d be done. YAY! No? No, yay? No. No, yay.

So two days ago I went to pay double my minimum payment (a new trick I’ve learned to do) and was locked out from the website.  Easy fix though, right.  Just enter in your credit card number.  A number I realized when I moved that I no longer had.  This being a card I haven’t touched in 4 years and all, I wasn’t aware that I was sent a new card or even had a new card out there somewhere.  Since I pay my bills online I throw out all mail from AMEX without opening it, very smart.  (I tried to go paperless but only my father has the power to make those types of acct calls.)

So here I am, locked out and cardless… days way from my due date and no clue what to do.

Today I got up the nerve to call America Express, sans acct number.  I was on the phone with an awesome Southern gentleman and I explained my life story to him.  Blah blah blah, locked out, blah estranged father, blah blah, card in the landfill.  Poor kid was confused but uber polite and helpful.  After speaking to him for quite some time  and verifying that I wasn’t a criminal (which took quite some time considering none of my info is really attached to this card other than my name).  He transferred me to the man that would assist me with my payment (also lovely) and he explained to me all the things that I could not change or control being that I’m the secondary card owner, FUN.

Now that this telephonophobic has been on the phone for a while and speaking to two separate people, both of which I had to give my life back story to.  Thankfully they were super awesome, made me feel kick my shoes off cozy, and I will be looking forward to paying this damned balance off with for years to come.

Oh yea, my goal!  My goal is to pay off the balance of this card within a year.  I hope I can do it.  My back up goal is to at least get the balance down low enough to be able to transfer my balance over to a new card.  One I don’t share with my father and won’t have to hear any grief about.

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