Top 100 songs of 2009: 75-51

100-76 | 75-51 | 50-26 | 25-1

Thanks to my recent move I’ve discovered hidden musical gems.  I found my box of mixtapes (they weren’t lost, just forgotten) all of which were labeled with years or months (ie: Sophomore year mix) and all those titles sparked my interest… unfortunately I don’t own a cassette player.  How lame am I? I also unearthed all of my spools of CDR mixes, I don’t own a CD player either but at least I can still play those in my pc.  Now I simply compile these lists on my iTunes and eventually when I have to wipe out my pc (like I’ll be doing again in a few weeks to upgrade to Win7) I lose all of these playlists.  I usually try to print them out but it’s not the same.  I miss cassette tapes, I miss the process… how fantastic it used to be.  Sure it’s simpler now but all the beautiful science of it is gone.  This may be why I continue to make these lists… I need a process.

I hope you enjoy.

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