RIP Imeem.

Some of you may have noticed that I hadn’t posted my November playlist or top 5 yet, or maybe you didn’t, this is partly because I’m behind due to the holidays and finals and also due to the unexpected death of imeem. I relied heavily on imeem to share music and am currently trying to locate another music lending site to host my playlists, although I doubt this search will be fruitful. Imeem has been “resurrected” by Myspace and apparently soon all of my past playlists will be converted to myspace’s format, none of this excites me in any way considering my distaste for myspace and my lacking confidence in their capabilities. In the coming days I’ll most likely have to rely on Lala and Youtube to provide snippets from my playlists and most likely will cease to produce them or at least switch up the way I worked it.

For the past few years imeem has made music listening and sharing a simple and enjoyable activity… this may be the saddest day for music pirating since the death of OiNK (ok, that may be pushing it), goodbye dear friend, I’ll miss you.