Moving in the rain.

I’m trying to catch up with my life today. I finally got around to putting all my photos from my very full camera onto my pc, I even went as far as to upload some of them onto Flickr. I introduced myself to the show Alias (which I had been thinking of doing for quite some time). I even finished my October Playlist. But still there was something else I wanted to do before the day was over… I wanted to post something here on my poor neglected website.

I’m not sure that I’ve mentioned it before but we’ve moved recently. And our lives have been absolutely chaotic for the last 6 weeks. I bet it would have been a lot less stressful had we not gotten it into our heads to have a yard sale before we moved. This meant that I had to alphabetize and organize thirty crates of vinyl. About two crates were doubles and one was uber crap; sadly only 1 person even glanced at the crates and we ended up having to lug them in the move anyway, as we did about 80% of the yard sale items. Thankfully we live across the street from Terrence’s parents who have lovingly given us one half of their two car garage. Maybe when it gets warm again we’ll try to unload our crap once more.

So much concentration went towards the albums that I had to squeeze a month’s worth of packing into one week, most of which was done on moving day. It’s a good thing I had my mother to help me, she may have thrown things together that made absolutely no sense at all, which resulted in glitter all over my food, but whatever gets the job done. She also cleaned both our new and old apartments that day to make our lives easier. Terrence’s parents loaned us their family van to lug the bigger stuff. But with the seats in the way we had to tie our couch and a few other things to the roof, well… not me.

Funny thing about that van, it was raining this very irritating misty drizzle all day, which combined with the autumn leaves meant for excellent driving back and forth weather. That morning, just about 2 minutes before Terrence walked out the door to move the van to the back and pack it up, some douche swerved right into the center of two cars parked out front, both of which split and became very close friends with the curb and the cars on either side of them; one of those cars being the van. So we were onto a great start.

At the end of day one I insisted on walking Dutch to our new apartment, a swell way to say goodbye and show him the way home, just in case he decided he ever wants to go back (which is his behavior after the trauma of a move). I strapped on his raincoat and began walking away from my home for the last four years. As I was walking passed the homes of all my neighbors/friends I got a bit emotional and decided to give them a call to say my farewells. Of course no one answered their phones and the thought of all that was happening rushed at me at that very moment and I began heaving and crying like a crazy person. Dutch was looking at me as if I were deranged. I thought it best to walk away from the street and into the park, which only made it worse. Finally I got through to a friend on my phone, Julija, who had moved all the way to Florida just a few months ago. She mocked me for being such a pansy about moving a few blocks away and I admired her for being so strong and moving a few thousand miles away without so much as batting an eyelash. She kept me company until we reached our destination. Just as we were walking up the stairs Terrence had arrived with Penny and Dutch was officially home.

It took us most of that day and into the evening to move those five minutes away. We had to go back to the old place once or twice to get the smaller things. Our last visit absolutely broke my heart; I can’t believe I had to leave my walls behind in favor of these. That’s pretty much where the sentiment about that apartments aesthetic ends. This is by far the better apartment; I’m just being a big baby.
I’m very excited to make this place a home in appearance. But oddly enough it felt very homey from day one. I get excited to unlock the door and come on in every day. In the morning I smile as I greet the sun with all the windows shining bright. Good times. I dig it.

More stories about moving and pictures to come.

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