Playlist: September

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I tried to be nice and start using another website to host my playlists, one that doesn’t make you sign up in order to hear the full tracks. But most of are terrible and useless and then I decided on Lala until I got to the part where you add songs to the playlist and they wanted for me to pay for every song added. In short, if you care enough you’ll simply start an Imeem account and if not then it doesn’t really matter to you anyway.

I love making mixes and regardless of whose listening to them I’m still having fun. Yay for useless wastes of time! Now get out of here and go listen to something.

Top 5 albums of September.

5. Islands Vapours
4. Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3
3. Volcano Choir’s Unmap
2. The Big Pink’s A Brief History of Love
1. Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II

I’m gonna go ahead and single out a few albums on this list.

Jay-Z is getting a whole lot of shit for his latest Blueprint installment, most of it is his fault too. He hyped the shit out of this album, I was moist in my bottoms for what seemed like forever waiting for its release after hearing Brooklyn (Go Hard). Every new single was like Christmas Eve, I’d get all jumpy and exited for the amazement that was soon to follow… that is until I opened the big box buried in the back and found a pink bunny costume inside. That’s a bit of a harsh statement. It’s a fine album, I love it way more than most people do… not quite as much as my brothers though, they’re all smitten and can’t be reasoned with. I’m in heavy groove mode with the first 8 or 9 tracks but then that shit garbage track Venus Vs. Mars comes on and I’d rather punch babies than listen any longer. After that it’s all downhill, I could easily omit every song from then on and pretend the album is fantastic but sadly that would be a lie. It’s just a boring way to cap off an album with such a strong start. Poorly executed, yes, but it’s WAY better than Kingdom Come no matter how many assholes argue against me on this one. And since September didn’t give me much it’s still good enough to earn the #4 spot in my top 5… yay for Jay-Z.

But more importantly, I’m so proud of my fellow Staten Islander, Raekwon, this is his best album in years and he deserves all the praise he gets for it.  In fact not enough people are talking about this record and they should, it’s fantastic.  I recently saw Raekwon do a show at Mahoney Playground, just a few block from my house, the overall energy at this humble gathering was phenomenal… more artists should follow his lead and bring it home this way.  The crowd was appreciative and energetic, even though it only lasted about 30 minutes it was enough to make my whole day.  The Wu Tang Clan put Staten Island on the map, and soloists like Raekwon and Ghostface are keeping it something to be proud of.  Every time I listen to Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II I get all amped up, I nearly destroy my car speakers blaring it with the windows down so everyone can be filled with the same excitement that I am.  One day I might even kill myself throwing my W’s up while sitting behind the wheel but even if so it would be good fucking times.