I feel compelled to apologize for my lack of updating around here, although I doubt anyone has noticed… nor do they care. In late August I started my voyage to higher learning and since have been overwhelmed. I don’t exactly know how to juggle life and learning yet. I don’t feel comfortable writing now that I’m taking a writing course that’s making me feel a bit under a hot lamp. I’m starting to over think every word I write, even in simple forums such as Twitter. Even my Tweets are poorly lacking in updates! It’s ridiculous, I know this is supposed to be helping my skills but it’s breaking me down in the process. My professor expects me to spoon feed every word to the readers like they’re morons, even Terrence agrees that this is necessary in writing. Obviously I’d like to give my readers a little more credit for not being complete morons. If you get lost easily on what I’m talking about then I’m not really sure you should be reading at all. I shouldn’t have to restate what I’m discussing in every sentence in order to keep you in the know. Sweet leaping Jehovah! Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest I’m going to torture myself with some math problems in order to prep myself for failing my test later tonight. Wish me luck.

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