Since when is George Hamilton anyone worth emulating?

The last time I checked the consensus on George Hamilton was that he was gross. Right? I distinctly recall his appearance being one regarded with disgust throughout my life. No offense out there George, wherever you are. He knows he’s gross, it’s ok. Anyway! In case you hadn’t picked up on this yet I live in Staten Island, home of the tangerine skinned freaks. That’s what sticks out at least, and it’s quite irritating to have all these stereotypes ruin a place I love. Bastards. That’s the problem with outlawing freak shows, they somehow end up in your neighborhood running the streets and scaring the innocent children.

I remember being a misguided youth, wearing all black and being socially distant. Kids in school looked at me and others like me like we were FUCKING ALIENS! Now that most of us have grown up fairly well adjusted and blend in with the crowd more it seems the tables have turned, but this time orange is the new green. Looks who’s an alien now, bitch!

Seriously though, in a time when Megan Fox is considered to be the most beautiful woman in America why are people still choosing to emulate George fucking Hamilton. Personally I don’t see the awe factor of Megan Fox, I don’t think she’s the bees knees but I do see the appeal. I recently watched her on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien and she’s relatively fair skinned and naturally beautiful. Aren’t we a society built on trying to appear to be what we see on television and in magazines, isn’t this the obsession? These orange folk are seemingly self involved, always freshly threaded, dyed and manicured. So why the need for biweekly tanning sessions? I thought you took pride in your appearance? I’m confused.

Mmmm…. now that’s what I call hot aliens.


I feel compelled to apologize for my lack of updating around here, although I doubt anyone has noticed… nor do they care. In late August I started my voyage to higher learning and since have been overwhelmed. I don’t exactly know how to juggle life and learning yet. I don’t feel comfortable writing now that I’m taking a writing course that’s making me feel a bit under a hot lamp. I’m starting to over think every word I write, even in simple forums such as Twitter. Even my Tweets are poorly lacking in updates! It’s ridiculous, I know this is supposed to be helping my skills but it’s breaking me down in the process. My professor expects me to spoon feed every word to the readers like they’re morons, even Terrence agrees that this is necessary in writing. Obviously I’d like to give my readers a little more credit for not being complete morons. If you get lost easily on what I’m talking about then I’m not really sure you should be reading at all. I shouldn’t have to restate what I’m discussing in every sentence in order to keep you in the know. Sweet leaping Jehovah! Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest I’m going to torture myself with some math problems in order to prep myself for failing my test later tonight. Wish me luck.

Top 5 albums of August.

5. The XX’s XX
4. Lightning Dust’s Infinite Light
3. Mew’s No More Stories Are Told Today, I’m Sorry, They Washed Away
2. Wild Beasts’ Two Dancers
1. The Antlers’ Hospice

I’m getting more and more disappointed with this Summers releases this year. As much as I like these five albums none of them blew me away. In fact only three albums this entire Summer have had that effect on me. I’m starting to question my monthly album report, I’m thinking of resorting to a seasonal one. Still these are good albums, the best of the month… just not the best of the Summer.

I’ll never fall in love with a math equation.

When I was ten or eleven I had a mathematical breakdown. We had started long division in 4th grade and I couldn’t wrap my head around it. My older brother Paul, his then girlfriend and even my father all in one night tried to coax me off the ledge and explain this “simple” formula to me. I ended that night at the kitchen table crying into my notebook of unanswered problems. I’m twenty-five and I still don’t understand long division, I thought this was all behind me, I thought I was done for good… that is until I failed my placement test and was tossed into a calculator-less environment of smartypants teenagers and a blackboard cluttered with fractions and the key to everything seems to be none other than long division. Fuck.