The Neapolitan.

Every year I mock Terrence for his t-shirt tans aka farmer tans and he only recently began to try harder to ward them off, i.e. applying sunblock occasionally. Earlier this Summer I joked with him about putting sunblock on the already tan parts of his upper body and leaving the rest to catch up in color. I guess I said it enough because Monday at the beach he actually did it. Halfway into it he said he was going to quit and apply sunscreen as a precaution since he had started to feel he’d had enough sun, but got sidetracked and forgot. Needless to say we spent the entire time at the beach with him only half blocked.

I was just teasing him after looking through some of the photos I had taken, I decided he can be some sort of circus sideshow attraction, “The Amazing Sunburned Man”. I think we could make a decent cash flow.

But all joking aside I really do feel sorry for him, the poor guy can barely move without bellowing in pain. Aside from his own vanity he did only do it because of my constant mockery of his hideous farmer tan. HAHA! No, it is still kind of funny. Maybe it’s because I don’t know what a sunburn feels like, being that I’m Hispanic I don’t burn in the sun, I brown. I also didn’t put sunblock on as a show of solidarity, Terrence is always wishing I would tan a little so he can show off his dark and exotic Spanish girlfriend. I got one shade browner almost instantly… no pain, no wait, no disgusting peeling.

I’m actually slightly excited to peel Terrence, I think it’s fun. It satisfies that child in me that poured glue all over her hands to peel it back in large pieces. Oh, the excitement.