Nothing went right.

So to start off our vacation a few things went wrong. We had a bit of a struggle to find a last minute replacement sitter for our animals and though we found two suitors neither will be able to spend full time with them, so poor needy Dutch and Penny are gonna have to lone it out for a bit at a time. We left early Saturday morning in the midst of a thunderstorm so already Dutch was mid heart attack as I walked out the door.  I was a crying mess walking away from my furry children, it took me quite some time to regain my composer.

Before we even pulled out of our parking spot Terrence out of reflex threw on the rear windshield wiper forgetting that the bike rack was blocking it and so now that’s busted.  Halfway to Cape Cod we realized that the odd smell that we assumed was the motor burning out on the rear wiper was in fact Terrence’s front bicycle tire melting from the heat of the exhaust.

Upon arriving at our destination the woman we were renting the cottage from was nowhere to be found nor was she answering her phone… eventually we found her husband and he informed us that we were two hours early for check in.  We scoped out the cottage that looked no bigger than our livingroom and began to worry that it wasn’t gonna be large enough to accommodate two couples for a week.  Instead of freaking out we got some lunch and found a bike repair shop.  Thankfully, though a very tiny space it did in fact have two bedrooms.

It was sweltering inside the cottage and one of the three fans was busted upon arrival, at the end of the night Terrence was setting up the remaining two and dropped one of them breaking it and rendering it useless… this vacation is a bit sweaty to say the least.

And I believe lastly on our string of bad luck aside from the nonstop raining was the enormous riptides that were swallowing the beaches of Wellfleet, MA.  Beaches were closed off and we were sad.  For fun yesterday we decided to go and check these giant waves out… holy shit, they weren’t kidding.  We were walking almost against the sand walls and were still getting devoured by these crashing waves at times.  It was an awesome site and though it was inconvenient to our vacation to have the beaches closed I was certainly glad that I witnessed this site.  I sat back and watched as Terrence behaved like a 6-year old sneaking up in the shoreline and running away from the waves only to be beaten most of the time.  At some point a few seals even joined in on the party and I had even more adorable objects of interest.

I’m hoping that with that joyful afternoon our string of bad luck is over and we can enjoy the rest of our week.  I’ll keep you posted and I’ll keep Terrence away from all breakables.

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