Old flame.

So I was just catching my breath between cleaning rooms and caught an interview on SNY with Ryan Church previously of the NY Mets and currently of the ATL Braves. I was so hurt, it was the exact pain generally reserved for seeing your ex-boyfriend looking happy with his new girlfriend. I immediately wanted to strip my clothes off and lure him back to me with ex-sex that a week later we would both regret. Oh but for that brief week before realizing exactly why it was we had broken up in the first place we would be so happy.

Do I need a reason?

Today the rare occasion arose that Terrence had to go into the AOL offices to write and take care of some PR stuff that I know nothing of. Today was also one of my many days off. so a bit after or before 8am (I can’t be too sure) he came and laid down beside me on the bed and hugged, kissed and told me in his best lying voice about how pretty I was and said good bye. About an hour later my groggy ass got out of bed and stumbled to the office to find my screen littered with tiny yellow post-it notes. He’s adorable, when we first moved into this apartment and he worked in Midtown he always left me little notes around the apartment for me to find when I woke up, I enjoy knowing even four years later that he still loves me and that sometimes he’s still cute.