Top 5 albums of July.

This is the hardest post for me to have to write… and that’s saying a lot for a girl that openly talks about her vagina to strangers and stalkers. July was a massively disappointing month for music. Aside from the Discovery album I’d say that the rest of this list is filler, these albums can’t stand alone and would under normal circumstances not even be in a league with many of the previous top 5 candidates… but like I said July = Fail. Isn’t Summer supposed to be the best time for music? I put off this post for as long as I could, hoping I would stumble upon some hidden gem out there in the music world but this is as far as I got. This post may seem a bit brash, these aren’t bad albums… I like them, they’re good times… I just feel like music is getting a little lazy.

5. Megafaun’s Gather, Form & Fly
4. Rainbow Arabia’s Kabukimono
3. YACHT’s See Mystery Lights
2. jj’s jj n° 2
1. Discovery’s LP

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