Terrible Tube, Part II

Why am I still watching this show?  I think it’s actively getting worse, I’m not sure if it’s the writers that have never actually sat with a real fifteen or sixteen year old or if I’m just too old and out of touch with how irritating teenagers have become.  I have this (I don’t know if I should call it unnatural since I am a girl and all) obsession with all things pregnant.  I watch any show, movie or documentary about pregnant people so I know what drew me to watching this terrible hour of television each Monday night but I’m not sure what’s keeping me.  One comforting thing about this show is at least now that Molly Ringwald is preggers in the really real world she at least has an excuse for being overweight… the hideous part is still up for debate though.

All the lead character does in The Secret Life of the American Teenager is whine and it drives me mad, it got me wondering about the actual youth of America today.  Thankfully MTV decided to ride the coattails of Juno and make a new realty docudrama about 16 year old fornicators dealing with pregnancy and motherhood.  Which I also can’t get enough of, I have a problem.  Although every now and then I take a break from yelling at the television long enough to feel compassion for some of these girls and to thank Jeebus for giving me a great Mother.  On 16 & Pregnant the most bothersome aspect of the show to me is the lack of breast feeding… it makes me crazy to hear these teens gripe over the cost of formula when they have free milk they’re putting to waste.  Well maybe another disturbing facet would be the parents and the boyfriends… especially some of these parents.  It really does make me appreciate my own teenage life at home.  My Mom is the best, thankfully I’ve never taken her for granted and have always been of this opinion.  After a few episodes of this show it just makes you reach for the phone and remind Mom that you love her.

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