I blame the old lady.

This post may be premature since I’m only just beginning track two as I furiously type away at this but… Why do the Fiery Furnaces have to blow so much?  It took an effort on my part to enjoy them in the first place but once I adjusted myself to their once quirky sound I fell madly in love.  But then they released that god awful album with their grandmother and Matthew released that terrible double disc solo thing… after that I didn’t much appreciate them ever again.  I guess Bitter Tea wasn’t as much of an unforgivable mess as some of the other things they’ve done recently to offend me but I still didn’t really like it.  At this point all I can remember are those ridiculously annoying backwards vocals anyway.

At this point as I look at their discography they have more mediocre and just plain bad albums than they do awesome ones… so does this mean I can never again say that they’re a good band.  Have they exceeded the limit?  Assholes.  It just makes me so mad when people waste talent by putting so much effort into sucking.

I’m on track four of I’m Going Away now and I’m turning it off.  Maybe later on tonight I’ll light a candle and listen to Blueberry Boat as I mourn the passing of a once great band.  I’m just gonna pretend they don’t make music anymore.

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