Top 5 albums of June.

5. Deerhunter’s Rainwater Cassette Exchange
4. Dirty Projectors’ Bitte Orca
3. Sunset Rubdown’s Dragonslayer
2. Major Lazer’s Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do
1. Bibio’s Ambivalence Avenue

I’ve recently decided that Spencer Krug is spreading himself too thin. I don’t necessarily think that his albums are bad but they’re certainly all lacking the full potential that I know they’re capable of.  This Sunset Rubdown album is very good, don’t get me wrong… but not that much sticks out and it lacks in certain areas, making my mind wander away somewhere in the middle with the occasional jolt back.  Still a good effort though, certainly better than most of June’s releases.

Also, I’m usually not one for reggae since my love affair with Shabba Ranks depleted but I’m absolutely in love with this Major Lazer album.  Then I found out that the masterminds behind it were two scrawny white boys, DJ’s Diplo and Stitch… damn whitey can’t leave the brothers with nothing.  Sadly although afflicted with Caucasian they did a way better job than anyone with their hands in reggae lately so…  I highly recommend it, dancey good times.

And lastly… I’m completely taken away by Bibio’s most recent attempt.  I first listened to it while I was running around my apartment getting ready to go out when I found myself confused.  I thought I had accidentally hit shuffle on my iTunes since the style of music kept changing, I wandered over to my pc and was assured that I was still in fact listening to Ambivalence Avenue.  Befuddled, I walked away and continued to get ready.  The albums is fantastic, so much that I slowed my pace as I got ready just to see if I could accomplish finishing it before I left.  Unfortunately I couldn’t.  But the next day I finished the task and repeated it over and over.  I very much enjoy the style of music switching on me constantly, I keeps in interested and on my toes.  No matter which style Stephen Wilkinson decides to go with on this album it works.  Top notch release, totally worth it.

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