Two Weeks

I’ve already previously stated my love and obsession with the Grizzly Bear song Two Weeks. And with the extreme love for a song comes the image of a great video.  That is until I saw the video…


Seriously?  Seriously, Grizzly Bear what were you thinking?  This is one of the worst videos I’ve seen in a long time. I was so disappointed.  It was like I carried a child for 9 months and it was born hideous.  Why would you knock me up with an ugly baby Grizzly Bear?  How rude.  So you get the picture, I was vexed.  Until a friend of mine sent me this…

And all hope was restored thanks to this user created video edited with footage from Albert Lamorisse’s 1956 film “La Ballon Rouge”. It has to be terrible when some guy in his basement downing Mountain Dew all night makes a better music video than you do.  And no offense to the creator of this video, it’s awesome.  I just can’t help but imagine fat, sweaty guys downing Mountain Dew… it’s a habit.  But enough about them.  This user video is fantabulous.  Certainly worthy of the song. Thank you jthelms.

One thought on “Two Weeks

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