Top 5 albums of May.

May was a month of repetition.  Not that anything was overly redundant but the music was so damn good I had to replay it to the point of irritating loved ones.  That’s mostly because they have no taste and can’t hang.  It’s safe to say that on any given day you run into me while I’m grooving to my iPod one of the top 3 albums of May will be blasting through my headphones.

5. White Rabbits’ It’s Frightening
4. St. Vincent’s Actor
3. Passion Pit’s Manners
2. Phoenix’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
1. Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest

I would especially like to focus on the new Grizzly Bear album.  I very much enjoyed their last album Yellow House and even went to see them live but still I wasn’t that huge a fan.  Veckatimest on the other hand is phenomenal.  The first day I listened to it I got stuck on Two Weeks and played it 16 times in a row, had I not arrived at my job who knows how much farther I would have taken it.  It took some time before I got through the rest of the album and found tons of replay valued tracks.  This album gives me heart palpitations and that’s a reaction of the highest order for music in my book.  I strongly recommend acquiring it.  I’m not big on reviewing so I’ll leave it at that, which is not to say the rest of the 5 aren’t worth your time because they are.  Go do your job and listen to them asap.

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