Adventures in черепаха.

I’ve been friends with Julija for 3 years now and I’d never once seen her turtle.  Whenever I came by she’d look for it and always come up empty, further proving to me that she’d made her up.  But as I discussed last week I finally got my proof of черепаха’s existence when she was pulled out of a travel bag and placed onto my livingroom floor.  After a little over a week I’ve seen this turtle run back and forth all over the place.  I’m curious as to how she was always in such good hiding all these years when clearly she can’t stay put.  Watching черепаха get into everything in my house has proven quite entertaining.  Terrence is made uncomfortable by her wandering around but that’s just because he’s a pansy.  She’s adorable!  Plus she eats meat loaf and just about anything you stick in front of her, this is why we’re friends.

She also climbs into and over things for no apparent reason.  I’m waiting for the day I  find her in the bathtub. Don’t doubt her, she’s already climbed into luggage on her own.  Although me and Julija still think the other was behind that one.

I swear it wasn’t me.

For added fun we took черепаха out to the backyard, she seemed to be having tons of fun but she’s so fast for a turtle that I thought we would lose her.  And I almost did.  That was the last adventure she had.

Except of course for today when I found her upside down in the kitchen.  Bad turtle, no dying on my watch.

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