This tUnE-yArDs album is a good time.  I’m sad I didn’t have it when it came out in March so I could have considered it for the top 5.  What amazes me most about it is the fact that it was made with just a hand-held digital voice recorder.  It’s got a very interesting sound and I’m usually not a big fan of the lo-fi folky stuff.  I’ve certainly heard similar musical styles but I never get tired of ukulele rocking with random sounds of your neighborhood strewn in around noisy jumbled percussion.  Thumbs up to Merrill Garbus, her album is definitely worth being a March top 5 honorable mention.

I especially enjoy Sunlight and Hatari, I’m not even done listening to the album yet so I’m sure I’ll appreciate some more tracks as I get there.

One thought on “BiRd-BrAiNs

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