Be my guest.

So one of my girlfriends is staying with us for a little while and she brought along a friend.  She had asked me first as if this tiny guest of ours could possibly be a nuisance.  It’s her itty bitty pet turtle.  For years she’s been claiming to have one and I never believed her.  I’d never seen it in all the time I’d spent in her home and she never talked about it… it was years before she ever made mention to having a turtle.  I kind of figured she was a myth.  But lo and behold, here she is.

I used to have a land turtle a few years back so Dutch is quite used to having them around.  But Penny on the other hand, it’s adorable to watch her learn things.  Terrence thought that she’d torture the poor thing but it turns out after the initial curiosity, she’s kind of uncomfortable and keeps her distance from it.

It doesn’t have a name, or so that’s what Julija would have me believe.  It’s probably some adorable Latvian name and she doesn’t want to tell it to me.  I’ll keep you posted.

One thought on “Be my guest.

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