Boy gets Girl back.

I’d like to think that most women and Thom Yorke already know what they need.  But in the movies the recipe for true romance is almost always in the hands of “Boy”.  Just when I was thinking of how tired I am with this scenario I started trying to place it in my own life.  How many times has this chemistry played out for me?

Since I’ve yet to live happily ever after it’s hard to pinpoint it… but in my experience it usually goes something like Boy meets Girl, all that jazz in the middle, Boy leaves Girl, Girl lures Boy back with vagina, Boy realizes how awesome Girl is, Boy cheats on Girl, Girl tries to kill herself, Boy marries new Girl, Girl dies alone and leaves fortune to Cat.  I embellished a little towards the end, but that’s a general guideline.

Terrence and I have had our series of ups and downs but the closest we ever came to really breaking up only resulted in sleeping in separate rooms for a few days and then basically forgetting the conversation we had had about breaking up ever happened.  I know that I realized how important he was to me in that time but I doubt if he’ll ever understand just how awesome I am.  Boys are just dumb that way.  Why do the movies so often leave the plot in their hands… it’s no wonder lately films have been ending with Girl dies.

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