Household drug.

For Penny’s birthday I got her this nifty laser pointer,  I read somewhere that it was an essential tool to have in kitty weight loss.  She fell in love with it and has been for the last 2 or 3 weeks obsessed with chasing the beam of light.  We’ve been having tons of fun watching her leap all over the apartment to tackle this imaginary enemy.

Last week I was showing my mother how crazy she goes over it when Dutch seemingly jealous of her attention darted after it himself and scared the bejesus out of her.  Now I have two cracked out animals in my house.  All they have to hear is the jingle jangle of the key ring and they jet towards me all bug eyed and crazy just anticipating the chase.

Lately Dutch has become a little more crazed than ever and scares Penny off with his laser rage.  Now how will my cat ever stop being so fat?

As annoying as it may seem I think he’s fecking adorable.

My new friend Krazy Glue.

Wednesday night I fell asleep watching television in bed when some time in the middle of the night I woke up to turn it off and officially go to sleep. I reached for the remote, after which I went for my glasses and noticed something a bit odd. It was the feeling of my left speck arm falling by my neck instead of following the rest of my glasses towards my “night stand” (crate of records). Why!? I was so ticked off I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night and even had to go to work in a 7 year old pair that made me want to puke all day long. Since that day my new best friend has become this tube of instant Krazy Glue that Terrence brought home for me. The arm has since fallen again to dismemberment but I will continue to mend it until I can afford a new pair. It’s depressing because I have to tap into my camera savings for this sudden necessity. I’m currently doing my research for an even more awesome pair of cateye lenses… of course in the red variety since I now have a trademark to uphold. So much for my terrific Nikon. Stupid pillow.